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Fr; Cette page est une présentation de la langue Bretonne, ainsi qu'une liste des articles sur le Breton pour faciliter la visualisation, si c'est ce que vous cherchez, cliquez ici :) - Si vous cherchez la version francaise de cette page, cliquez ici

En; This page serves as both an overview of the Breton language, as well as a place where articles about Breton are compiled for easy viewing, if you wish to access those, click here :)


Breton (Brezhoneg; /bʁe'zɔ̃ːnɛk/, /brəhɔ̃'nɛk) is a Brythonic language spoken natively in the western half of Brittany, in France, with about 210,000 native speakers. However, the majority of these speakers are middle-aged or older and generational transmission is low, making this a severely endangered language, however there is a growing movement of people who are either going through schooling in Breton or are pushing for schooling through Breton in their locality.

The Breton language is traditionally divided into 4 major dialects, Vannetais (Gwenedeg), Cornouailliais (Kerneveg), Trégorrois (Tregerieg) and Léonard (Leoneg), however some linguists believe a North-West vs South-East divide is more accurate, with an additional central area of linguistic innovation. The differences between dialects are usually restricted to pronunciation and small vocabulary differences but it should also be noted that syntax and grammar can vary as well to a lesser degree. For example, one isogloss is the development of Middle Breton's zh sound (pronounced like th in "the", the Welsh dd sound, or the dh sound in Cornish), with some dialects turning it to z, others to h, some to d and a small minority retaining its original sound.


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