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Free Resources

Online Courses

  • Duolingo – a good introduction to Scottish Gaelic, and good for learners who prefer more interactive learning. The course content is created by native speakers of several dialects and includes a section on Nova Scotia. The Scottish Gaelic Duolingo course uses audio recordings done by native speakers of different dialects. The course also includes very good notes when using the website version (the notes aren’t available in the mobile app though).
  • Glossika – a space repetition learning course that offers multiple languages. Scottish Gaelic is one of the free languages it provides.
  • – a website combining several good resources for learning Scottish Gaelic, it includes:
  • Speak Gaelic – an online learning platform and video course launched in 2021, besides video materials, it has online lessons and PDF learning materials.


  • Am Faclair Beag – the online Gaelic dictionary, it contains entries from old Faclair Dwelly as well as its own entries with phonemic transcription and sometimes recordings. It also provides inflection tables for irregular verbs. But it uses Gaelic abbreviations and the interface isn’t very friendly, so it might be hard to use at the beginning.
  • Dictionay – the dictionary part of the website – it contains most of Am Faclair Beag entries and it has its own recordings.
  • Wiktionary – Wiktionary is a multi-lingual dictionary. It includes definitions, etymology, pronounciation, usage notes, inflections, related terms, etc.
  • An Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language by Alexander MacBain, 1911 – an old but still useful etymological dictionary of modern Scottish Gaelic.






  • Gàidhlig na Cagailte (the Hearth Gaelic, the Fireside Gaelic) – podcasts with native speakers talking in a casual manner, with transcripts of the full episodes (so you can read along while listening to it), and a separate audio and text files with grammar notes and explanations of various expressions and dialectal forms used by the speakers.


  • – a great collection of learning materials for Scottish Gaelic, including courses, dictionary, reading material, etc. (see other sections here)
  • Akerbeltz Wiki Beagan gràmair – a collection of Michael ‘Akerbeltz’ Bauer’s articles about various points of Gaelic grammar, history, and phonology

Grammar and textbooks

  • Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks, Roibeard Ó Maolalaigh, 2008 – a popular grammar-heavy textbook, don’t expect to finish it in twelve weeks though.
  • Cothrom Ionnsachaidh: A Chance to Learn Scottish Gaelic Grammar, Ronald Black, 1997 – another grammar-heavy textbook also providing IPA-based phonetic transcriptions.
  • Gaelic Verbs Systemised and Simplified, Colin B.D. Mark, 2006 – a good overview of Gaelic verbs and their inflection patterns and usage, with a lot of sentence examples and notes on their grammar.


  • The Gaelic-English Dictionary, Colin B.D. Mark, 2003 – a comprehensive modern dictionary of Gaelic, you can also preview and search it for free in Google Books (but the number of pages you’ll be allowed to read is limited).

Online courses

  • Taic – Scottish Gaelic grammar lessons online, first 10 lessons are freely available as a preview, but to access the rest of the site you need to request a login credentials and make a donation after 2 months if you want to keep using it.